Barre² - For a moment of indulgence

What is the remarkable moment from your memory?

Travel experiences usually become the treasures that we keep in our memory boxes. It is hard to remember last night dinner, but a bite of buttery croissants vividly brings back the precious memory from the cafe in Paris. You may recall the smell of the ocean from your vacation to Hawaii or the sounds of a waterfall at the end of tranquil hiking trails. Our sense triggers intense memories and emotions, and our collection of Barre² was created based on Pierre Marcolini’s precious memory from his journey.

Pierre Marcolini’s Barre² collection for a moment of indulgence

Istanbul, Turkey - The Caramel Pistachio takes us along the banks of the Bosporus to the very heart of Istanbul.

Alba, Italy – The flavor of the Piedmont hazelnuts and praline fondant in the Nougat Gianduja that pays tribute to elegant Alba.

Madagascar - The Caramelized Hazelnut sends us to the depths of Madagascar, unveiling the aromas of that island’s remarkable cocoa beans.

Childhood memory- The Caramel Vanilla evokes those chocolate and toffee treats we used to trade in the school playground, a particularly special childhood memory for Pierre Marcolini.

For your moment of indulgence, check out the Barre² collection at our store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Level 3, Ewa Wing.