Explore the World of Macaron

With a rise of popularity, it is fair to say that macaron [mä-kə-ˈrōn] has become one of our favorite sweet treats. Almond flour, meringue, and sugar help to create the unique structure and texture of this cookie. This delicate light cookie offers a variety of flavors, colors, and sometimes comes in different sizes. Are you ready to explore more about these beautiful delicate sweets?

Characteristics of high-quality macaron

  • Outer shell looks smooth and glossy

  • Thin and crisp outer shell covers soft, but not mushy, cookie underneath

  • A generous but not overwhelming amount of filling

One of the key ingredients: Almond Flour

When it comes to macarons, almond flour is one of the key ingredients. This gluten-free finely ground flour is made from bleached almonds and suitable for macaron recipes. In place of almond flour, almond meals are used to make some macarons. Although those two products can be used interchangeably, almond meals tend to have coarser texture since they are often made from whole almonds. With its coarse consistency, you may find the difference in taste and texture of macarons.

Macaron decorations for special occasions

Get creative with macarons when celebrating special occasions. A couple of macarons would be cute party favors at baby showers or birthday parties, while a gorgeous macaron tower may become the centerpiece at your wedding party.

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