Pierre Marcolini's pillars for fine chocolate.

LOVE. During the long history of chocolate, it has been used as medicine or money but most of us simply appreciate its flavor and texture nowadays. The chocolates are not only found at the grocery stores but also at the large mall or online where they offer exceptionally high-quality chocolates. With these, sometimes overwhelming, options, you may wonder “What makes Pierre Marcolini’s chocolate remarkable? Why do people love his creation?”

HONEST. Pierre Marcolini is one of the few chocolatiers who practices the entire production process from beans to the bar. His quest starts with a journey to find the finest cacao beans from all over the world: Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, and Vietnam. He searches through numerous cacao farms and chooses the best cacao beans of the year which inspire him by its aroma and flavors of raw cacao beans. Currently, 14 different locations supply our cacao beans. By sourcing directly from cacao farms as well as building long-lasting networks, it allows cacao bean producers to earn a decent living. Pierre Marcolini offers more than the current trading price.

PASSION. Not all chocolate is created equal. Just like any form of fine arts, the art of Pierre Marcolini’s handmade creation is only originated from his studio. His passion for cacao beans starts with one of the critical process called roasting. He blends cacao beans from different origins subtly and tastes to test his unique creation. For this reason, every chocolate created by Pierre Marcolini has its own unique personality.

We, chocolate lovers, appreciate Pierre Marcolini’s passion and talent that allows us to enjoy his beautiful and tasty art. If you are ready to taste the different flavors of cacao beans and their blends, Pierre Marcolini’s Tablettes, Gourmandises, and Grand Crus are available at the Pierre Marcolini Hawaii at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Level 3, Ewa Wing.