Savor the flavor of autumn

The Hawaiʻi Food and Wine Festival

Hawaiʻi is known for an ethnic and cultural diversity where differences were respected and adopted. You may come across a blend of cultural heritage and lifestyle in Hawaiʻi, and their cuisine is no different. One of the events that offer their cuisine is the Hawaiʻi Food and Wine Festival. This year, it will start on October 5th at the various locations in Hawaiʻi. More than 110 chefs from around the world and 40 winemakers are participating to showcase locally grown produce. Enjoy this opportunity to experience the diverse cuisine to pair up with great wine.

Pierre Marcolini Autumn Treat Box

2019 Fall, Pierre Marcolini Hawaiʻi also offers a special box that captures the flavor of autumn to pair up with wines. The box has Pierre Marcolini’s couverture covered tree nuts: macadamia nuts, hazel nuts and caramelized almonds.

The Autumn Treat Box Milk Chocolate is an adorable treat to celebrate 2019 Halloween.

Enjoy the flavor of autumn with the Pierre Marcolini Hawaiʻi. Visit our store at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Level 3, Ewa Wing.