Wedding dessert table décor and party favors

No Rain, No Rainbow.

Rain symbolizes renewal or rebirth. After raining, flowers bloom and rainbows appear in the blue sky. Wedding couples may not seek their special day to be rainy but if it happens, it may symbolize the fresh start of their life. It is believed that the couple who married in June to be blessed with happiness by the Roman goddess of marriage.

Whether it is raining or shining, get playful with your dessert table. An elegantly designed dessert table becomes colorful like the rainbow.

To express appreciation to family and friends, who celebrate this special day with you, unique party favors may be a nice surprise. A small token of appreciation, especially when they are tasty, will be remembered by guests, along with the memory of this special day.

If you are looking for dessert table ideas or small gifts, Pierre Marcolini Hawaiʻi has multiple options. Heart-shaped chocolate, colorful macarons would be perfect items to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Visit our store at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Level 3, Ewa Wing.